• How are you motivating your high performers?
  • Is everyone in your firm in the right seat – in their “A” Game?
  • Is your firm/team operating at peak performance?

AUMPARTNERS works with investment organizations and advisor firms around the world to develop leaders at every level - from the executive team, through middle management and individual contributors - to help all employees be in their “A” Game and maximize their contribution to achieving results.

Our services include firm-wide, team and individual assessments focused on leadership, culture, engagement, communication, job fit (incumbents and job candidates) and succession planning. Based on these assessment results, we design custom training, coaching and consulting programs to efficiently and effectively achieve your objectives.

Your unique needs deserve unique solutions

We know your needs are as unique as the combination of individuals on your team. So when we work with you, we start by asking questions. Then we listen very carefully to what you say, because the real issues are often concealed between the lines. With our extensive leadership and consulting experience in the financial services industry, we can help you accurately define – and solve – your unique talent issues.

Awareness is the first step

Our accurate and insightful human capital assessments reveal the opportunities for improvements that will have the most meaningful impact on your bottom line. We will help you measure and benchmark to the investment industry the following:

AUM training: The fusion of concrete results and leadership skills

Investment professionals are a unique breed. We understand how they think, because we’ve been helping them achieve “performance alpha” for years. Our training programs get immediate traction with investment teams because we speak their language and produce measurable results. Some of our most popular programs include: